How to Choose a Painter in Melbourne

Making the exterior of your house look good is an incredible investment. The exterior is the first thing people take note of when they come close to your house. Knowing how to choose a painter in Melbourne is a huge part of making your property look amazing. Whether you want to make the property home for a while or sell, having the best painting makes a great first impression. A good paint job ensures it looks clean and crisp for a long time.

To get the best results, it would be best to hire a professional painter. They are well equipped to either do a repaint or start fresh. As time passes, paint tends to fade and crack, which means this is something you will do every couple of years. A good repainting can greatly elevate your property. It is however more important to find a great painter than the best tub of paint. Are you wondering how to choose a painter in Melbourne? Here are a few tips that can help you in choosing painters in Melbourne.

  1. Meet all the contractors you can

We recommend you find at least three different professionals to consult with. This is the first step on how to choose a painter. You can ask for references from your friends and family. Meet each of the contractors at the property you want to have painted. Allow them to assess the condition and advise accordingly. Ensure you ask them about their level of experience. Another thing you should know is the size of the crew they plan to use for the job.

  1. Outline your expectations

You should be very clear about what you want from the paint job. The price and quality of the project may vary according to various factors, like the number of coats to be applied. These are things you should be prepared for. Sit with the contractors and explain exactly what you want, so both sides are clear and there is no miscommunication. This is where you mention whether you want a completely perfect job, or can live with some imperfections. You’re the boss, act like it.

  1. Get estimates

When figuring out how to choose a painter in Melbourne, each contractor should provide you with a written estimate. It should include everything from material costs to the breakdown of labor. They should write down how many coats of paint and primer will be needed. They should also provide you with the brand and model of the materials to be used. If they plan to do any surface preparation, they should explain how much and how it is to be conducted. The prices of each item should be indicated clearly.

  1. Look at references, portfolio and credentials

References are important if you want to know how to choose a painter. Have each contractor give you a list of their references. Ensure you contact them to hear about their experience working with the painters. Look at jobs they did over a period of time, not only recent ones. Call references from years back to see how the contractor’s work holds up. You can also call recent references to check on the skill of the crew. A history of positive reviews is always a good sign.

You should confirm whether they have all the necessary licenses. Check the Melbourne License Referencing Site for this. It is great to hire a painter on the right side of the law to avoid unnecessary inconveniences.

  1. Get a full contract

For the best result when deciding on how to choose a painter in Melbourne, ensure the contract includes all the information about the job. It should have the name of the contractor, their office address and phone numbers. You should also get a license number and all the details in the estimate on the contract. A good contract includes everything that is included and what is not included in the job. If anything is intentionally left out of the job, it should be in the contract.

  1. Get copies of their liability and worker’s compensation insurance certificates

You should make sure the contractor you pick has good insurance especially if you are learning how to choose a painter. If they don’t, you may find yourself in trouble if any accidents occur. If a member of the crew hurts themselves on your property, or they damage a neighbor’s item, their insurance comes into play. Having these certificates ensures you are safe from any accidental damage.

  1. Ask for a guarantee

Make sure the painter is able to promise to fix any peeling, chipping or flaking that happens within two years. You cannot know how to choose a painter in Melbourne if you do not think about asking for a guarantee. Other damage that can happen in that time includes chalking, blistering and excessive fading. This is to guarantee that they do a great job, and if anything is missed, it can be corrected at little or no cost.

If the painter mentions the paint includes a warranty, you should confirm if it comes with labor, which is usually more costly.

  1. Pick your paint

It is very important that you are involved in picking the paint to be used. Sure, the contractors may have their preferences, but you are the one hiring them. Besides, you want to pick paint that you will be satisfied with for years. You can get advice on how to choose a painter in Melbourne, but pick your own paint.

To pick the right paint, it should be one that protects your property from exposure to direct sunlight and moisture. It should be able to create a stable barrier to the elements. This will help to prevent damage caused by weather-related deterioration.

  1. Hold out on full payment

A good paint job takes a few days at best. You know how to choose a painter when you withhold payment until you get a good result. You should not give the contractors the full amount on the contract before the job is finished. You can begin with a 10-15 percent deposit then have the job start for you to assess.

Depending on the size of the job, it can be divided into quarters and paid as the job continues. This ensures both you and the contractor remain true to your word. The contractor is able to trust that they receive their pay when they do a good job, and you get to have your property well painted. Make the final payment only when you are completely satisfied with how it turned out. If you need a few things fixed, have them done before paying.

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