Protective Floor Coating Painting

At Viva Painters, we provide seamless protective floor coatings to enhance the appeal and shield floors from damage. We have a selection of coatings, and based on the type of floor surface, we will assist you in making an informed choice. With our solutions, you can have resilient floors that are easy to maintain and look gorgeous for years. Choose from a wide range of finishes to complete the look of your space.

Floor Protection Painting

Viva Painters presents to you the best protective floor coating painting in Melbourne. Our team has a proven experience of over ten years in the industry. We provide specialised services thanks to our highly skilled and well-trained staff. We offer a five-year warranty on all our services which are quite affordable.

Protect your floor coating from aggressive chemicals and extreme pressure with our floor protection painting services. We use the best material and the latest tools to protect your floors and increase their lifetime. You can also protect your floors from moisture and heat with our expert services.

Optimal Floor Protection with the Right Coating

Our floor protection painting services increase the lifespan of your floors by providing an excellent finish. We provide concrete polishing and surface preparation services. Viva Painters specialises in wall-to-wall protection for all kinds of surfaces.

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The team at Viva Painters uses a wide variety of protective floor coatings depending on your surface and your requirements. This includes tar-based coatings, solvent-free coatings, food-grade coatings, and water-based epoxies, among others.

We also specialise in guidance and technical advice. In case of any confusion or queries related to our floor protection painting services, feel free to contact our team of experts. You can also get vinyl floor protective coatings from Viva Painters.

The Benefits of Protective Floor Coating

Are you wondering why you should invest in protective floor coatings?

  • With the right floor coatings, you can maintain a hygienic space. The seamless surface prevents the growth of mould and fungi.
  • Protective floor coatings make a great option for all settings.
  • There are amazing colours and finishes to choose from.
  • With the right additives, you can make the floor anti-slip.
  • Floor coatings make a cost-efficient option, and you can avoid replacing the floor.

Vinyl Floor Protective Coatings

Get Viva Painter’s vinyl floor protective coatings to safeguard your floor from irreversible damage. Increase the durability of your floors by improving their resistance to corrosion, erosion, sealing, cavitation, and pitting. We ensure your floors are resistant to heat, fire, scratches, and abrasion of any kind. Insulate your floors against shock and improve their look with our expert services.

Enhance the look of your floors with high-quality vinyl floor protective coatings. Increase the shine and protect your floor from any further damage in the future. If you have a regular influx of people or use high-octane machines and appliances, your floors are prone to damage. Allow us to work on your floors to provide them with the ultimate insurance they need.

Choose The Most Suitable Floor Protective Coating

Are you unsure about the coating that will best work for your floors?

It is vital to choose a protection painting that matches the specific requirements of your space. For high-traffic areas, hard-wearing coatings make the best option. Similarly, for areas with high hygiene requirements and for those requiring a decorative finish, you can explore choices that offer the best in terms of appeal and functionality.

We also provide floor protection painting by adding a thin layer of quartz over your floor surface. Besides giving a luxurious look, this provides a great amount of protection to the substrate. We offer the latest designs and give your floors a premium look to create a great impression on your guests and visitors.

One of our most advanced vinyl floor protective coatings is the nanotech coating. This is a low-maintenance coating with a great amount of shine and resistance to scuffs and stains. Increase the durability of your floors without regular maintenance or waxing with our high-quality nanotech coating.

Reliable Specialists for Floor Protection Painting

We are at the forefront of what we do and will provide detailed information and suggestions based on the application and usage. Our coatings offer protection and make a hard-wearing surface for different environments.

We provide vinyl floor protective coatings for residential as well as commercial purposes. Get premium, cost-effective solutions with a minimum turnaround time. Get in touch with our team for a free quote by letting us know about your requirements.

If you have any doubts or queries related to floor protection painting, feel free to discuss them with our team. Contact us today for updated information about all our offerings, deals and discounts.