Deck Up Your Walls with Our Wall Painting Services

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We at Viva Painters, provide customised wall painting in Melbourne to revamp the look of your home and create spaces that suit your preferences. We can add the perfect finish to your walls with shades to complement any theme. Our service covers both interior and exterior wall painting, and you can choose from a wide range of colours, textures and finishes to add value to your home. If you want to ensure that the surface of your home is well-protected, we are the wall painting contractors you can trust.

Freshen Up Your Wall with Our Wall Painting in Melbourne

Adding fresh colours offers an easy way to elevate the value and appeal of your home. You can create distinctive spaces that stand out with a uniform and attractive finish.

At Viva Painters, we have knowledge about every phase of painting and are committed to offering services that exceed your expectations. If you notice that your wall paint is dull or fading, you can connect with us. We believe that preparing the surface is vital for the perfect outcome and will assess the walls to suggest the best options. We will let you know if any repairs are required so that you get an impeccable finish.

House Wall Painting Executed Within Your Budget

Our painting service is priced competitively, and we are well-positioned to cater to all your painting needs. No matter the scale of the project, we will ensure that every aspect of the painting is well-planned and implemented to suit your budget. We will take you through the myriad shades and design choices to give your home the makeover it needs.

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We provide you with options for all your rooms and areas of your house, be it your kitchen, bathroom, living room, drawing room or bedroom. With our wall painting services, we promise a superior and long-lasting finish that will define the identity of your home. If you have doubts, we are here to help you with a wide variety of choices for wall textures, colours, and shades.

Experienced Wall Painting Contractors

As the most trusted team of wall painting contractors, we ensure that our staff is well-trained and highly skilled. We provide our painters with the right amount of experience and encourage them to come up with innovative solutions. All our painters are extremely professional, cordial, and cooperative.

As part of our house wall painting services, we also work on wooden coatings. We know the scope of the class and the style of wooden finishes promise, and we have a variety of coats and shades for wooden interiors and exteriors. Our painting assures you protection from the weather, ageing and other potential issues that lead to damage and deterioration.

With Viva Painters, you don’t need to worry about making choices or wasting time as we promise the quickest turnaround time in the market.

Get Innovative Solutions from Expert Painters

Viva Painters strives to create great experiences, and we aim to gain more happy customers than just acquire customers. With an experience of over ten years of providing wall painting in Melbourne, we have serviced thousands of customers. We provide a five-year warranty on all our services, which means you are covered for the long run and don’t need to worry about any damages or repairs in a long time.

With our house wall painting services, we cover everything from small apartments to luxurious bungalows. We believe in providing a fresh look to upgrade your interior and exterior design. Viva Painters provides you with a variety of designs and options before finalising a pattern after a few initial rounds of discussion with our customers.

Professional Wall Painting Services

If you are looking for the best painting professionals to redecorate your home, reach out to us. Our painters provide you with expert advice for choosing the right colour combination for your home. Our counselling is the best among all wall painting contractors available in the market today. We study your mindset, lighting, space, and construction type before giving you options. We have a courteous and friendly team to answer any questions that you may have.

Viva Painters chooses only the best paint brands for house wall paintings. The quality and finish are superior, while the results are long-lasting. We provide you with cost-effective solutions that suit your budget, and our quality services help you avoid damage repair costs in the long term.

Contact Viva Painters for the ultimate house wall painting experience and enhance your lifestyle with the best advice and consultation. Benefit from a team that treats every residential project like its own and gives your home the upgrade it needs. Get in touch with our friendly customer care team today to get a free quote.