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It is important that you pick the best painters in Melbourne for your property. You need a painting company that you can allow to do the work without any hiccups. Comparing three or four of the best painters in Melbourne will allow you to pick the right one according to your needs.

The right company will use reliable painting procedures and materials and complete the job on time. They should also have a history of completing their jobs on time with outstanding customer satisfaction. Some of the best painters in Melbourne include:

Women At Work

Women at Work are specialists in both interior and exterior painting. They do in house and commercial painting all over metro Melbourne.

Having started in 1996, Women at Work painters came as an answer to many in the area who had experienced substandard service. There was a desperate need for a female Melbourne painting and decorating service. The company’s mission is to provide an all-female painting and decorating service. They are reliable, punctual and very professional. When you get a quotation from Women at Work, you get:

  • Your property respected
  • Contractors who keep time and communicate if there is delay
  • Consecutive work days
  • Total cleanup of any mess made
  • Job completed in the specified time

Since it was started, Women at Work has seen a lot of growth. Due to  this, the team has now expanded to also include male painters. Nowadays, the company focuses more on hiring painters who do quality work regardless of gender.

Metro-tech Painting

This company has a highly experienced and dedicated team to make them one of the best painters Melbourne hires. They have more than 10 years experience in the industry and provide quotations for free. Metro-tech contractors are genuine and offer professional advice.

They are able to paint various locations, including shopping centers, shops and offices. Metro-tech painters do both interior and exterior work perfectly. You are sure to be completely satisfied with their work. They use the most reliable procedures and materials and will work on a budget if needed. You will get contractors who are known for quality jobs, incredible customer satisfaction and quality painting jobs.

If you are searching for premium painting services, this is your only stop. The contractors understand that competition from other companies is fierce, and so they do their best to be the best painters Melbourne offers. The team works tirelessly to give you an excellent painting solution for your needs. Metro-tech hires painters who are committed to giving its customers the best service. Their craftsmanship is unmatched and they are extremely respectful to your needs.

Hawthorn Painting

One thing Hawthorn Painting is great at is revitalizing a home with a new color. If you need them to restore it, they can do it perfectly too. The company offers premium painting services all over Melbourne.

Hawthorne Painting Pty Ltd brings you expert painters for your property. The company also provides waterproofing options to help protect the exterior of your property. They are available for commercial, residential, industrial and corporate use. Hawthorne boasts of giving extra attention to detail and providing exceptional service.

Ansell Painting Services

This is a great painting company Melbourne has to offer. Providing both business and house painting in Melbourne, Ansell will help you embellish your space to perfection. The painters have more than 20 years experience in the business and are all highly qualified.

Ansell has everything under one roof. They use all the latest equipment and superior workmanship to give you the best results. They have met all the Dulux Accredited Painters requirements and provide the highest quality services.

The company’s reputation is the best painting company Melbourne has seen in a while. Contractors always arrive on time and carry out their task efficiently.

Ansell Painting Services was selected by Dulux because of the expertise and experience they offer as the best painting company Melbourne has.

The company provides quotes that are accurate and extremely detailed to the last item required. They will fully explain what you need to have them do a perfect job. At the end, you will receive a long lasting finish that will definitely make you happy.

Viva Painters Melbourne

Viva Painters Melbourne offers excellent painting services all over Victoria. It is easy to say Viva has the best painters Melbourne receives services from. Their team of specialized and dedicated painters offer residential, commercial and residential painting.

The company promises 100% satisfaction and is willing to redo a job that you feel is not done properly. There is an extraordinary 5 year warranty to help stop your worry about shoddy work. To be the best painters Melbourne has, Viva Painters only use Australian paint brands like Dulux and Haymes.

Walls painted by Viva are washable. You can use their wall washing solution that they make and as a customer, you can get it for free.

Viva Painters Melbourne was started in 2012 by Jeff Ahmad who took over the business after his boss retired. Now, the company has branches in Gold Coast, Adelaide and are the best painters Melbourne works with.

When you hire Viva, you get a fixed price and top notch exterior and interior painting services. They open everyday from 7am to 6pm. You can hire them by calling their number: 03 9699 3340. You can also book an appointment with them from their website:

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