water damaged ceiling fix melbourne


Katherin (pseudo name) from Hoppers Crossing, Melbourne contacted us in regards to her water damaged ceiling around the porch. The rain water had leaked into the roof due to clogged gutter and overflowing. Her property was in a terrible condition and wanted to fix the issue but did not knew where to start. So she started with a phone call with us.


Upon inspection, the whole ceiling around the house was effected. The ceiling had broken, peeled and bubbled paint. The whole porch looked unpleasant and unsafe. The water damaged ceiling paint removal was an immediate challenge.


As always the preparation was the key focus to a successful job outcome. We had to remove the water damaged ceiling paint first. It was huge task as the ceiling height was only accessible with ladders and not with natural human height. Also, we had to find a way to remove it efficiently without using scrappers.

The old paint from the ceiling was removed with special drill bit. The drill bit not only it removed the paint efficiently but also sanded the surface slightly to prepare the ceiling for excellent primer adhesion. Further sanding and filling and sanding again was done.

The secret undercoat:

We cannot reveal the exact undercoat we used as it is intellectual property but it was an oil-based primer specially to block stain, mould and moist. It was exactly needed for this project and we could not have recommended any better product. Once the primer was applied, it was ready for painting.


The Secret Paint?

I will share the name of the paint we used on this ceiling. However, before that lets revisist the issues. The ceiling was exposed to outdoor weather, rain, dust, salt and rain. Therefore, we decided with Dulux Weathershield for ceiling. A brief overlook at Dulux weathershield specification.

Dulux Weathershield

Dulux Weathershield® has been specially designed to provide a tough, hard-wearing finish that provides protection from all weather conditions. Formulated with MaxiFlex® Technology to expand and contract with the surface, Dulux guarantees Weathershield® won’t peel, flake or blister for as long as you live in your home.


With Dulux Weathershield we were confident Ktaherine’s house will be protected. I would say even it has another roof leak it might not go as bad as it did last time. The previouse paint used was standard cheap ceiling paint.

The overall end result looked amazing but also a sense of safety and protected ceiling for Katherin.